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215 street 29 Jul 2018
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kushyfinder.com kushy app find fire anywhere
28 Oct 2018
kushyfinder.com kushy app find fire anywhere
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How to start a cannabis delivery service? | What is Kushy app? | weedquestion.com

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*** FREE HOW TO START DELIVERY SERVICE/DISPENSARY/GROW-OPP E-BOOK sign up for kushy brand ambassadors program here
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KUSHY APP - Cannabis Finder & more

Get Questions Answered, Answer Questions and get Prizes

What's up guys and gals
Harvest is finally done!Thank God!
Do you guys grow weed? Cool
Do you want or have you thought about opening a delivery service or dispensary?
Do you have a weed question? Awesome!

So what is the Kushy app?
Glad you asked
It's a mobile app for the cannabis community
You know Find ads from local delivery services and such
But wait doesn't weedmaps and a bunch of other apps already do that?
Yup however they do not let you post (yes you can post ads) things like Services, Jobs, 420 friendly Real estate or other services such as trimming, lawyers, etc.
Pretty much anything to do with the cannabis community.
Oh and it's free for everyone to use

Check us out on

So about starting your own delivery service or dispensary I've written an e-book it's on fiverr.com link will be in description or just google fiverr teach you how to start a cannabis delivery service
If you do decide to download the book let me know here from the 215 street family and I'll look you up

Okay next up weedquestion.com
What is that?
So basically I would get on these forums and Facebook groups and help people out with their grows and questions.
Then I got overwhelmed with a bunch of the same questions as well as a lot of people that don't know shit about growing weed having a lot of contradicting answers
and don't get me wrong I'm not saying I'm the greatest I just have the experience
So I figured let's make a website where more experienced growers can help out less experience growers a lot easier. And maybe get rewarded for their experience so weedquestion.com is that
I'm working on a app for that as well and looking to get sponsors to give you guys free shit Plus we will be giving away free shit as well and the sites completely free too because we love you awesome right?!
Let me know what you guys think I guess this is where I asked you to subscribe if you haven't already
we got some more videos on the way. been super busy so I haven't been able to upload anything
but got some videos on how to make compost tea’s the different kinds for different results you want
and automated watering systems
greenhouse light Dep Time-lapse video while building on the greenhouse and growing in it
the video it's pretty funny
That's it, for now, hope you enjoy your harvest
go to weedquestion.com and post pictures I would love to see how you guys did
Talk to you later

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kushyfinder.com kushy app find fire anywhere
28 Oct 2018
kushyfinder.com kushy app find fire anywhere
kushy · 244 Views