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The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis
27 Oct 2018
The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis
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transplanting cannabis plants ( zero transplant shock )

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http://www.215street.com free help on how to grow the best “highest yielding” buds Step by Step

1. First lay down a tarp if you have one. This makes cleaning up way easier

2. Fill all the pots you are going to use about half way. ( water if dry )

3. Then put the plant thats about to be transplanted in the pot with the soil to see how far down they will be when transplant is complete.

4. Make sure to leave room for water on top of the soil without spilling over.

5. Feed the plans your transplanting with Thrive Alive B1 Green (Organic)

6. Lets them soak that up for 5-10 mins

​7. After the pots are halfway filled with soil sprinkle the granular plant success Mycorrhizae in them about 1 tsp. in each pot

8. Fill a bucket big enough to dip the clones in with sm-90 ( this will completely cover the plant to detour pest ) 5-10 ml a gal.

9. While you have it upside down pull the pot off to expose the roots and sprinkle them with a powder Mycorrhizae

10. Place them in the pot with your soil / granular Mycorrhizae and backfill with soil be sure to pack it down pretty tight so no air pockets are in the soil

11. Then water/feed with a 50% nutrient solution of your choice

​AMAZON LINKS ( Cheapest I’ve found )

Technaflora Thrive Alive B-1 (organic )

Plant Revolution Plant Success

Earth Juice - Rooters Mycorrhizae, 1-Pound


Terra Vega

( optional ) kinda pricey but its awesome

Rhizotonic - Rooting Stimulator - CANNA

( optional )


helps break down dead material in your plant’s root system at an accelerated rate to feed back to the roots and prevent root rot
(good for recycling soil )


KUSHY APP - Cannabis Finder

Delivery Service/Dispensary/Grow-opp E-BOOK


How to grow

Get Questions Answered, Answer Questions and get Prizes

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The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis
27 Oct 2018
The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis
kushy · 188 Views